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General Movements

General Movements: The basic move is by the pawn or checker which is 4” in the X, Y, Z, or T direction.  You can move N/S, E/W, up/down, and back/forth through time from any of 81+ coordinates/spaces using standard checkers, chess pieces or figures to play any number of game on its surface.  The shortest…

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4D Checkers

Rules for checkers 2-8 players: 15-20 minutes:  First decide whether or not jumps are mandatory or not.  Mandatory jumps significantly shorten the game.  1) Start with 4 – 6 pieces around chosen corner (their origin).  Oldest or youngest goes first; play continues clockwise.  2) pawns/checkers move forward 1 unit (4”) in the X, Y, Z,…

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4D Chess

Rules for chess 2-8 players:  Start on chosen side (not corner).  Pieces are jetEyed or promoted to Bishops or Queens (or Kings in variants) when they reach the opposite side.  Last King standing wins.  A stalemate occurs if no King is taken after 30 moves from when the last pawn leaves the board.  (In variants…

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